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Affordable Housing Project

The Project is a Presbertian Church affordable housing project. I was hired by the Architect when the Church bought the project. It was built in the 50's or 60's as it has old wooden awning windows made from cypress.. They were stripped and repainted as they still worked well The buildings were remodeled inside and the outside was repaired, refoofed repainted and elevators added. It is situated on one of Ft. Lauderdales many rivers. We used Oueen Crepe Myrtle trees for the main entrance road which look quite nice when in bloom and when not provide useful shade. Other trees used were Live Oak,Gumbo Limbo,Calophyllum, Silver Buttonwood and some Palms. The residence pay a reasonable amount of rent and enjoy beautiful views and great breezes off the river.

Apartment Landscape Planning.

This is an older apartment building in Oakland Park, Florida which was purchased and the new owner wanted to boost the occupancy. They had a problem with roof water which came down on the inside of the atrium and flooded at times. The fake stone, (Concrete) paving had worn down and seemed to be a magnet for chewing gum. The paving was especially worn in high traffic areas, the entrance area, around the mail boxes and at the vending machines. We designed large white washed river rock drainage area, with a filter cloth sand barrier underneath three feet deep and 3 feet wide around the perimeter of the deck area to catch the water and get it into the ground. The existing fence was an ugly chain link fence directly around the pool, which made the pool and surrounding area look small. We designed for new better fence around the rock and out to the perimeter of the atrium . We repaved and expanded the deck with a marble type paver which is easier to clean and looks nicer. An area for a central bar-b-q was also provided, it has not been built as yet. Trying to eliminate individual Bar-B-Q's with gas tanks which the fire marshal frowns upon. The area was then planted with large leaf Dwarf Bananas, Alexander Palms, to make the pool area easier to clean. Hedges were placed to give privacy noise abatement and hide pool equipment.

The result is a larger looking area which is inviting and easier to maintain.


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